LEGO Heroes of Olympus: The Video Game is a video game based on the five books from the series Heroes of Olympus. In this exciting game, you delve back into Percy jackson's world, deeper than ever before


The Lost HeroEdit


  • Summary: Jason arrives at the Wilderness School, in the midst of a field trip to the Grand Canyon, not remebering who he is. He then must fight venti, angry storm spirits, with the help of his supposed friends, Piper and Leo, and his crazy coach, Gleeson Hedge
  • Playable Characters: Jason (Purple Shirt), Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Coach Hedge
  • Enemies: Storm Spirits
  • Boss: Dylan (3 hearts)
  • Main Locations: Grand Canyon Bridge

The Bronze DragonEdit

  • Summary: Leo and Nyssa must tame Camp Half-Blood's now rabid protector, Festus the Bronze Dragon, saving it from its death trap
  • Playable Characters: Leo (Camp Half-Blood), Nyssa (Camp Half-Blood)
  • Main Locations: Camp Half-Blood Forest

The Frozen HotelEdit

  • Summary: Jason, Piper and Leo are attacked by Boreas' two sons, Zethes and Cal. The go into Boreas' throne room and are attacked by his daughter, Khione. Boreas tells the heroes that they must visit Aeolus, as he will tell them what they need to know
  • Playable Characters: Jason (Camp Half-Blood), Leo (Camp Half-Blood), Piper (Camp Half-Blood)
  • Bosses: Zethes (2 hearts), Cal (2 hearts), Khione (5 hearts)
  • Main Locations: Boreas' Palace, Boreas' Throne Room

Secret God's LevelsEdit



  • Summary: Poseidon and his son, Percy, must explore Poseidon's Palace, solving puzzles along the way
  • Playable Characters: Poseidon, Percy Jackson
  • Boss: water titan?
  • Main Locations:


  • Summary: Nico di Angelo and his godly parent, Hades, must explore the Underworld, solving puzzles along the way
  • Playable Characters: Nico di Angelo, Hades
  • Main Locations: The Underworld


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